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Terms and Conditions

All pets must be at least 8 weeks of age to be transported. The individual requesting or arranging for transport certifies that the pet being transported by Paws On A Plane is at least 8 weeks of age on or before transport pick-up date. The person signing this form certifies the age of the pet to be at least 8 weeks old. The seller and buyer will meet pet handler at the airport and the times specified, and acknowledges pet will be transported via air. No cargo; in-cabin pet only.

A valid health certificate issued by a doctor of veterinary medicine is required no sooner than 30 days before the scheduled delivery date. The certificate must travel with the pet. Medical records or vaccine records cannot be used as a substitution.*

A current rabies vaccination certificate must travel with your pet (for pets over 16 weeks of age).*

You will provide a small ziplock bag of pet food for your pet. Please label your food bag with your pet’s name and feeding instructions (amounts and frequency of meals). Your pet will have access to fresh, clean drinking water.

You may send a mini pet bed that will comply with the FAA approved collapsible per carrier. Anything larger will be denied at pickup.

We will not transport any pet that requires a muzzle or other restrictive device. Our handlers reserve the right to refuse transport of any pet that displays signs of aggression.

A portion  of the total transport fee is due at booking. The remaining balance  is due in Cash at pickup. If transport is scheduled within 2 weeks of service date 100% transport fee is due at the time of booking. ALL transactions will incur a 5% fee via PayPal. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE under ANY circumstances, however you are welcome to re-schedule a date of delivery.

In order to schedule a transport, pet must be able to fit in a soft sided carrier not larger than 18″ x 12″ x 12″ and weighing no more than 20 lbs.NO Refund will be permitted of any fees if the pet is denied transport due to non-weight disclosure.

All parties should meet Pet Nanny in the designated area via group correspondence. Curb side service for picking up or dropping off pets is optional due to COVID-19. The typical meeting area in the airport is the Baggage Claim area or the TSA Security checkpoint area.

Pets must be washed and free of odors prior to pick-up. If odor persist handler has the discretion to deny pup due to airline restrictions . You will be charged for the full amount of the transport fee.

All parties involved in the transport process will need to be on time at the airport to drop off or pick up pet. Either party who is more than 15 minutes late after the agreed upon time for the transport will incur a $150 late fee that must be paid BEFORE the pet is received or released.

Scheduling - Pick-up and Delivery. We will only give you an estimated date for pickup and delivery. All nannies travel standby. We will make every effort to adhere to dates specified by you to Paws On A Plane, but there can be unforeseeable circumstances which affect the dates given for transport which can include weather, oversold flights, acts of God, etc. Other than a case of neglect on our part, seller and buyer assumes all risks in transporting by air. We can not be responsible for existing health issues known or not, or an act of God. If no person is present at the time of transport and/or the above described paperwork is not in order at the time of pick-up or delivery, we may have to continue without your pet. You will be charged for the full amount of the transport fee.

All pictures taken during transport will be posted on Website and Social Media sites for Paws On A Plane.

By making payment for transport, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.